Services, Programs and Appearances

Dugout Treasures offers artists, advertisers, authors and publishers a unique opportunity to capture the essence and nostalgia of our National Pastime by making vintage memorabilia available for use in exhibits and publications.

Should you have a specific need to visually illustrate vintage baseball, you'll find no better resource than this. Take a look at our Gallery for the assortment of gloves, bats, uniforms, balls and the many other miscellaneous items perfectly suited for any photographic need.

The same goes for Museums looking to exhibit high quality items spanning the early years of the game through its golden era of the 1950's, specifically focusing on the 19th century, the NY Yankees and the role that baseball has played during times of war.

Presentations and educational programs are also available, as passing along the magical history of our greatest of games and preserving it for future generations is critical to understanding its role and its impact on our nation's history.

If you or your organization are interested in these services, please contact us at .

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